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'65 Electra Speedometer Cable


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Gentlemen / Ladies.

I was going to replace the speedometer cable on my Electra '65 and got a replacement cable with the metallic screw-on attachment (on both ends).

When I unscrewed the existing cable at the speedometer end, I found that there is a plastic "bayonet" attachment that only needs a 1/4 turn, or less, to de-attach the cable from this speedo, but the cable I've got has the metallic ring that needs to be screwed several turns to secure the cable.. 

Could there be two different cables/speedometer attachments on a '65? The Wildcat speedo face look very similar to this one.  Are there different cables for Electra and Wildcat apart from length? 

I have used search engine, but not a single image of a cable with the plastic attachment pops up.

Sorry, I do not have a photo at hand of the actual cable or back side of my speedo, but image can be provided later. 



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