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37 Zephyr coupe ready for the road


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Ten years after finding the car, the first thing my friend did was get it painted before anything was repaired. So the only pictures I have are of the car painted. My task was to now restore it after paint was done. He did not get the interior painted, so I did that as well as painting other parts that needed redoing along with engine, trans,rear end, all new wiring, glass, gauges, mechanical brakes, gas tank, lighting and what ever was needed to get it road worthy. 

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On 2/4/2021 at 9:54 AM, zephyrdave said:

After 30 years in his barn and a year in my shop, the last task of upholstery is done. Now to take it back to my friend's place where it will wait for spring and many miles of smiles.

John's 37 zephyr finished 004.jpg

John's 37 zephyr finished 006.jpg

John's 37 zephyr finished 007.jpg

Those seats look great but then so does the rest of the car.

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