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Classic Era catalogues 1907 and 1912

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1907 MoToR’s Motor Car Directory - $250

Illustrated directory of the specifications of all domestic and foreign motor-cars and motor business wagons - gasoline, steam and electric - sold in this country. excellent condition, small tear to cover page as seen in photos. Linen cover, 208 pages. Clean and intact. 007A6027-7A53-4992-A1B4-6782676F390C.jpeg.813c8f3f5051963339a22056ea92bf6c.jpegB46B9764-C3E9-4448-B2C4-3B8600787EAA.jpeg.f703a12ff845bb4c20233efeb5e4db13.jpegFB40C92A-CD60-49B8-86C3-D149F60E3184.jpeg.dbb367c5983f630ba3f37309a484ed53.jpeg8FCAC511-E0FB-4D2F-AEB6-BAE0F7917072.jpeg.37277ae4ada59c5fcba6ebc739632989.jpeg

1912 Catalogue of Chas.S.Smith & Co - Jobbers in Automobile and Motor Boat Supplies and Hardware - $250

Informative and detailed catalogue of parts, very good condition, some minor wear to edges and cover. 144 pages, complete. Note some color illustrations and advertisements. Very useful item for identification and information. Excellent piece. 8AD3C992-AE79-4B76-BB75-0E64F3EF773B.thumb.jpeg.49a8f9994b90dea66fbb198b0a3bd93f.jpeg8FA09ABF-C90D-4B0A-AA02-82952DF0D9CC.thumb.jpeg.f43720d915eba7f9decf1ac9f08ab150.jpegD239B224-762E-4232-9D61-69C8994FAA39.jpeg.9ab4d72b0ffecbb1e29067a284b48d58.jpeg09969B73-2210-4276-A7B0-7F56366D9DA8.jpeg.9d70e2b422655a43fa6f248de887dbbf.jpegD616CF06-1259-41D7-9B0C-1B47D125E2DC.jpeg.ccf3c8355e07fbbb8df4f9ffa182d986.jpeg



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