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1949 Plymouth "Town & Country" $19,500 Sonoma California

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1 hour ago, Ben P. said:

All I know is when I hit that link to classiccars this well known scam FAKE warning comes up so that site is a fraudulent copy.

It is on "classiccars.com"  it opens without issues on my laptop. 

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I think it's an interesting "revisioning" for this little coupe although the pale yellow seems a bit incongruous.

I am surprised at how much damage the car shows in detail and the rattle can quality spray job of the dash (complete with paint run) and even the curb scrubbed white walls, leads one to think the car has suffered some serious neglect at someone's hands since the wood era restoration.

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If this was a 'town & country' three passenger coupe Plymouth, buyers would be all over it.   The builder should have looked for a convertible to do this woody treatment on rather than the prosaic two door sedan.

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 "I admit the woodwork looks nice and professional to me"


I hope you were saying this in jest. That woodwork is FAR from even looking "professional" let alone actually being done professionally.

Maybe my viewpoint is skewed a bit because I have owned, and still do, "factory" woodies and this car doesn't even come close to replicating them in style/fit/finish. 

I have seen some cars made into "woodies" and the workmanship was impeccable. This one, NOPE!!!!

Just because someone "slaps" some real wood on a car doesn't make it a Woodie or more valuable.


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