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My apologies if you've already seen this in General Discussion, but this seemed like a good place for it as well.




This is controlled by me, so it's not going away.




If you post material. or send it to me, I will add it to the repository.  Please let me know the source.  I'm already aware of the great collection on the Detroit Public Library website, so you don't need to send those, I'll be slowly working them in.


I'm not sure the single-endless-page model will work forever, so the look may need to be adjusted, but at least it's permanent, as long as I keep paying my bills.

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On another forum yesterday, people were discussing what an unknown car in an era photo was. A couple people made incorrect guesses, and a couple recent photos of restored cars were shown. One of the shared photos was this American Underslung. I don't know who's car it is, or where the photo was previously sourced from. Where I snatched it was the MTFCA forum Off Topic threads;    https://mtfca.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22380

The original topic era photo car was not an American Underslung.


But I thought maybe the photo would be appreciated here.



1907 American underslung.jpg

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This is a fabulous car, restored in the 1960s as part of the almost legendary Deemer-Seeley project.  This photo came from a 2012 piece in Hemmings -




It was still wearing that restoration, and owned at the time by Van Horneff.  It has since been re-restored, and I think it looks even better now.  I don't know who owns it, but here it was at its most recent auction, last year -



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Thank you for the details! I keep looking for American Underslung pictures to share here. Searching the internet, and harvesting pictures is not really my thing. But in my general readings and research, I do see things from time to time. If I find something related, I try to post it here provided It isn't copy protected or otherwise I might suspect a copyright issue.

I sure would like to see a lot more activity here. And I do like looking in to your site from time to time. Thank you.

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