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Need touring car ID help...trying to remember details for recognition


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My family thinks I am a wizard at identifying old cars, since I know them better than the average man on the street. But my knowledge is strongest in the 50's thru 70's, even though I have owned a few earlier cars.


With the above thought in mind, I try to carefully memorize details which help to identify 1920's and earlier cars, which the folks on here are so sharp with, and are kind enough to share. So when my younger brother presented a very cool old camping photo with a touring car in good detail, I was hopeful I could ID it. I noted the 6-sided hubcaps, and the distinct lines in the hood, which continue into the grille shell. My first reaction was the pleasant realization that I have seen those features before, when someone on this forum pointed them out on another car. But that was followed by a feeling of foolishness, because I cannot remember! Aarrggh! I guessed at Thomas and at Locomobile, but online photos didn't match that.


So please, folks, tell a forgetful old man what year and make the touring car in this gorgeous photo is. I concede my deficiencies. 

Touring car with boat on roof.jpg

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