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FS 1930 Chrysler Locke Body Roadster -Not Mine- MN Marketplace

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I don’t know what to think of this car. It’s been around this site for a year - different posters - different listings - wildly different prices. 75K, 35K....

On one of these ads there was a healthy discussion on it but that thread I couldn’t get to come up on a forum search today....





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It might be worth the 35k to someone that had to have it but I would advise paying 75k for a fully restored one - if you even had to spend that much.


edit: meaning I’m not sure it would even bring the 75k fully restored.

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59 minutes ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

I like the rumble seat door. Think RR had the same set up.

Yes, for Rolls-Royce, Brewster and RR Custom Coach Works built Piccadilly, Henley and York roadsters, Regent convertible coupe with a right-side rumble seat door.  Locke is the sole American coachbuilder that comes to mind just now but there were others I'm forgetting.


If the underside image is typical of the restoration craftsmanship, the price seems wildly optimistic.

'30 Imperial Locke a.jpg

'30 Imperial Locke.jpg

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