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Plymouth Emblem - What does it fit?


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I recently picked up this emblem and can't figure out what it fits.  The only reference to the Mopar part number 2597901 that I can come up with is for an Australian built Mopar, which really has me puzzled how what appears to be an NOS piece ended up in Southern Ontario, Canada.  It's about 3 inches or a bit wider in diameter.  Any help is appreciated.



DSC_0544 (2).JPG

DSC_0550 (2).JPG

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36 minutes ago, TerryB said:

1965 Plymouth valiant center grill emblem?

All the pictures that I can find have this style of emblem, including the two 65 convertibles that I parted out a few years ago


1964 Plymouth Valiant Grill emblem Used all studs intact west coast part |  eBay


And I was sort of thinking something like the 60 quarter panel but not the same either


1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible Taillight and Emblem by Jill Reger | Plymouth  fury, Plymouth, Volkswagen cc


Your time frame was what I was thinking just from the design but I can't seem to find anything that matches, which is getting me more curious about the Aussie connection...

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9 minutes ago, TerryB said:

My eyeballs are not the best so the images seemed like it.  I had a 1964 Plymouth that used the color scheme on the front hood ornament.  Were Plymouth’s sold down under?


They built their own large car as well - until 1972 when they replaced it with a variation of the Valiant


Dodge Phoenix - Wikipedia


The Valiant was sold in here New Zealand, with local assembly beginning in 1963. There were a few unique to NZ variants. 


The big Dodge Phoenix was not marketed here.

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