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Looking To ID Two Cars


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This picture was taken in 1948, that is my mother standing up in the wagon with two cousins.  I'm fairly certain that the first car is a 28-29 Model A though the headlights don't look quite right but that could be shadows and angle as well.  The wagon was definitely manufactured by Bitsa



DSC_0419 (2).JPG

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1 hour ago, TerryB said:

That sedan, second car, looks to have some GM styling.  Take a look at a 1938 Chevy for example.

Thanks Terry and John,  I thought the same thing for the second one though my father thought that it was a bit larger than a Chev.  Considering that this was taken at the old family farm I am leaning towards a 37-38 Chev.  I don't recall my great grandparents every having anything more than what was practical.  

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