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Politics, social media, and the lack of civility - random thoughts from a moderator

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Hopping on my soapbox....


The lack of civility online and in this forum in particular is a combination of anonymity and that it's impersonal.  We hide behind a screen, and we say things in the forums we would NEVER say face-to-face. Even if we did say it face-to-face, the tone would be radically different. Forums have been struggling with the anonymity/impersonal battle since their inception.  


The moderators are in a whack-a-mole fight to enforce the rules of keeping the forum on topic (antique autos) and civil.  All while trying to be sympathetic that there will be conflict. The whack-a-mole fight has multiplied in recent months.  From my perspective because the current political climate and pandemic.  But even more-so because social media is fanning the flames of incivility in society.


The large social media platforms PROFIT from political discourse, from conspiracy theories, from division. They encourage it. They promote it.  They incite it.  Why? Because WE ARE THEIR PRODUCT!  Our eyeballs, our time, are what they market to companies.  The more we read and the more time we spend on social media sites the more money they make.  They are manipulating you by feeding into your fears by doubling down on your perceptions of reality.  Conspiracy theory's like QANON have sprouted legs because social media feeds it to those with even an inkling of sympathy to it premise.  Racism, White Supremacy, Partisanship, Religious Division, and Xenophobia are chess pieces social media algorithms manipulate to suck us all in. 


Watch the Netflix show "The Social Dilemma".  It will make you reconsider your use of the larger social media platforms that profit from YOU.  https://www.netflix.com/title/81254224


Thanks.  I'll get off my soapbox now.



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Peter, you have NO IDEA just how civil this forum actually is. Go to YellowBullet.com where there are NO moderators at all. The tagline at the top of the page is "Where The Weak Are Killed And Eaten", and they are close to correct. I've never read so many f-bombs and mother-effers in one place before. This place is paradise by comparison. You wanna make a difference on the net? Go over there and see if you can take control.

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