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Another family photo..It is a Hupp or


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Here is a recent discovery of a picture of 4 beach goers .

 The guy on the left with(how should I say this politely) the flat chested and gapped toothed grined ,probably red head, sitting on his knee ,was my stepfather ( for a while ) and two seeming normal friends.  The girl obviously having a fun day,and Mr.smurky on the right with a very familar look of"I'm probably not gonna get this fun Clara-Jane off in the dunes,alone, anytime soon"

 The star of the pic at a glance, I'm pegging as a 1929 Hupmobile.Or is it a Nash of the same birthday?


I'm also trying to figure out a time line.

My step father "BOB"was born in 1919 so we measure that to is appeared age in the pic and the little miss no bust(well....these things happen) casual beach attire.

Plus we look at the car's original appearing dull paint and balled front tire.

Step fathe Bob ,went into the navy in 1942 or 43.

So maybe 1939-1942 the pic was snapped? Or could be just after the war? 

Plenty of these late 20s cars were still on the road in the 40s.

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Note the mystery car has six rim bolts per wheel. That eliminates all of the lower price models - even from the Hupp and Graham range among others. 


It doesn't help that many makers were doing first and second series models in that era with interim specification changes.


It is not made any easier when many of their cars had either disc or wire wheels which make finding a wood wheel car more difficult.


The Hupps of that era seem to have the hood louvres in a raised panel although I did wonder if our mystery car might be an eight cylinder Hupp.


The cars of that might 'all look the same' but there are always detail differences to keep us on our toes.

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