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For Sale: Various items from Dad's Estate


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We have a number of items from my Father's Estate.

Here is a partial listing.  If anything interests you, I

can send you a picture.  We have no idea of value and
ask for reasonable offers.


1.  Carbs from early model Bugeyed Sprite or Triumph Midget

2. Starter from Franklin Airman Series (we think) with long shaft
3. Original manual "Franklin Car Maintenance Airman Series" Copyright 1027/28/29
4. Wood Nickels from the following years Hershey Region AACA Fall Meet

    1986, 1990 thru 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005  (also other car related wood nickels)

5. "Horseless Carriage Gazette" magazines for 1963 thru 1966 for various months
6.  "Antique Automobile" magazines for 1962 and 1963 or various months

There are other items that we will post later if there is any interest in these items.

For pictures you can contact me at :  thojohnson at frontier dot com.

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