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Hupmobile 20:

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I think I remember it was yellow!


Sorry! But its kind of a vague question. Do you have some pictures you could show. Sounds like an interesting auto. There may be a faint outline somewhere that you could see what was there. I dont know anything about these early cars, not sure if there was a 'standard' colour pattern they used coordinating pinstripe with body colour. It may be just what looks good together in your opinion.

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I can’t answer the striping question, but can tell you that the body and frame were red, but not a fire engine red.  It’s more of a poppy red, leaning toward orangish.  This was verified from an original car where original paint was analyzed in the 1960s.


It seems most original Hupp 20’s, if never painted, are a rust brown with little paint left.  Or, they are old or new restorations with paint color that is much too red.



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