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Spotted a 38 DB in the wild today!

Pete in PA

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I was out running an errand earlier this afternoon and used a street that I haven't used for years.  Suddenly I spotted the unmistakable rear end of a 1936ish DB parked in a driveway.  This kind of thing has happened to me in the past and when I went back weeks later to inquire about an old car I 1) couldn't even find teh house again or 2) learned that said car belonged to a visitor who lived some distance away and the homeowner really had no interest in discussing the matter.  I didn't want that to happen today so I quickly pulled into a side street and walked back to knock on the house door.  (My god does my wife hate it when I do this stuff but she wasn't with me so...)

A guy I'd guess was in his late 60s or early 70s answers the door and he was very patient and friendly.  Especially when one considers that he wasn't wear a coat and the temp here is in the twenties with wind gusts to 40 mph.  IOW it's COLD!  Then I saw he was in bare feet!  LOL.

Well the car is a 1938 touring sedan in nice driver condition.  A medium blue color with a very nice interior.  He drives it regularly.  Has had it about 15 years.  He found it in Wisconsin and met the seller halfway with a trailer.  That's dedication!  A Missouri registration decal in the bottom RH corner of the windshield was dated 1963 so who knows where the car's ownership started.

I plan on meeting the guy for some mid-30s DB chat when the weather improves.  I'll upload a couple of pics later this evening.

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