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Weidenhoff Ignition Tester with Manual


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The Tester below has been sold as of 2-2-21.  Thanks for everyone's interest.

Here is a Weidenhoff Ignition Tester with Manual. The Manual covers the years 1925-1931. Also included are the following adapters and probes:
Adapters: PAT114, PAT104 (metric adapter), PAT116 (C-M special adapter).
Probes: PAT 42, PAT29, PAT2, PAT1, PAT12 (straight rod, thin), PAT40, marking worn off (stepped rod).
Height gage #138. Plus a few wires.
Note, the adapter for the 1928 thru 1931 Model A Ford is #102 and the Rod is #7, NEITHER of which is in this kit.

Weight including packaging will be approximately 7 lbs.

I am asking $75 or best offer. Check or Paypal is acceptable.








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Neat tool, and great it’s all intact. Probably because the guys in the shop couldn’t figure out how to use it. Would be fun to try is out in a car..........

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