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Booked my Fall 2021 Hershey Hotel

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I'm looking forward to being able to travel again sometime in the future, especially having the US/Canada open.  With this in mind late last week I booked a hotel for the Fall 2021 Hershey.  I found a reasonably priced room ($62 per night) at a major chain only about seven miles from the swap meet location, which closer than I usually stay.  The good thing is the room can be cancelled right up to arrival at no cost if something changes and I can't go.

For years I've stayed at another hotel using points but since I retired and do not travel for work anymore I do not accumulate the points for a free stay.


Looking forward to October and renewing my Hershey fix.   

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Gangster- Congratulations, based upon the price and the location- I booked the same place a few weeks ago. Corporate must have suffered a brain cramp because the last few years they had a significantly higher rate. Perhaps they are dealing with Covid collapse and think this lower rate will bring folks back. You can’t argue with the results.

I have been staying at the BW Premier on Union Deposit Rd, a beautiful place and easily accessed from our Green field spots- but they jacked their rates this year and I am gone.


One thing to consider: Your hotel has one side that faces a major Highway, and one side that faces the “mountains”. If you are on the road side, the noise at night is substantial. Do yourself a favor, a few weeks before the event/ call the hotel and request the “Mountain side”. They will know what you mean. See you there in October!

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Thanks for the heads-up, as a Sheraton (now Marriott) Lifetime Platinum member I sort of got accustom to getting the best room available on check-in.  Since I'm also a member of this chain's loyalty program which will match elite members of other programs I expect they will honour my request.

For a person who spent 75 - 120 nights (20 - 30 after retirement) per year in a hotel room it seems strange to have gone 10 months without a single stay.

I'll buy you a coffee at breakfast in October.


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