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Older Marquette generator,alternator,regulator tester,220 volt,heavy.


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I picked this up several years ago,have never used it and probably never will. It is 220 volt,single phase,the motor runs both clockwise and counterclockwise and it does work. There is a 4groove pulley on it. It looks like you can do a lot of things with it but whether it all works or not is unknown. The darn thing is heavy. No instruction manual came with it,there is something on the front about a link put on or take off if testing 24 and 32 volt items. The deck is pretty cruddy,couldn't get it cleaned off at picture time. If picked up,price is $150,boxed on a pallet ready to ship is $225. Shipping is up to buyer and if it has to be shipped,Fastenal preferred. Long story short,A guy in Ohio recently bought 8 big 26" and 27"rims and rings from a fellow here who couldn't pallet them. I did and took them to Fastenal. The buyer arranged shipping and paid for it,guessing weight at about 550 lbs,which was high,and the shipping amount was only about $195. The item has to be picked up at the nearest Fastenal store. The shipping part of it is called Blueline and it is "space available" between stores. Please PM me if interested.





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