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New Forum Features - Car Club Events Calendars!

Peter Gariepy

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Guest Mark McAlpine

Great idea--thanks, Peter!  This will help our regions & chapters get info out to the rest of us about their shows & swap meets and other activities in their local area.  Thank you!

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This seems to be a good idea,  just thinking of how best to access the info.

Could the input be entered by State and then Date?


I suppose the person entering the data could pick the State and then use a format of Date that would be automatically position the info in Date order, by State.  


It could save a lot of reading of individual messages to see what is in them every day.


Or trying to go back to open old messages to find something in an area we may be traveling to or thru.


Well, I'm sure it means work...................but how to utilize info provided in a timely manner is the thing I am thinking about. 


I am appreciative of the volunteer efforts expended!


Thank You




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