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For Sale: 1947 Pontiac Fastback - Plainville CT - Not Mine

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6 hours ago, Hans1965 said:

Looking for such a car for quite a while. I wonder that the outside looks well cared for and the engine compartment so shabby... . What happened to the fire wall?

It is a handsome car! My guess is the seller was hoping you wouldn't notice. Looks like that creamy yellow color is the original paint, and either the firewall wasn't prepped well, or the exterior paint was applied by a budget paint shop, and the owner unsuccessfully tried to paint the firewall at a different time. Too bad there aren't any shots of the door jambs, etc.

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6 minutes ago, Hans1965 said:

Totally agree, but it makes me wonder how the exterior paint was applied, too. Cannot be judged on just by watching mini photos. 

Hans1965 : if you download the pictures to your computer you may them look at the pictures at the resolution they were posted with. Much easier to study.

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I had always wished that one of these Pontiac torpedoes showed up while my father was still alive. He had orderd a new 1946 in 1944 when my Grandfather sold his low miles 1941 Pontiac sedan.( At least he thought it did.) He probably got $1,000 over what he paid in late 1940. My grandfather was a machinist at Combustion Engineering working 12 hour days during the war. The car just sat (at least he thought it did). My 19 year old dad and his friends would take the car out while he was at work with the cooperation of my grandmother. Disconnected speedometer and elaborate precautions to make sure the car ended up in the same spot in the garage in the exact same condition.

 MY dads 46 Pontiac was the first New Pontiac delivered to Bindi Brothers In Monongahela, PA.

 Tense moments when the car carrier driver was about to drive off and take the car to a "Western Dealer". One of the dealership owners insisted it was not my fathers car. Dealers could at the time get about double list price of new cars in the western states. My uncle spotted the carrier, informed my dad at work.

Verbal and nearly physical battle with the dealer insued. My uncle Eddie jumped up on the carrier and pulled out the paperwork from the car and found my fathers name on the invoice sheets. My dad got his car and the noteriety of having one of the first new cars in the area. Next car he bought from the local Oldsmobile Dealer.

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