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1931 chrysler cm6

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Hi I am a new member. I resently bought a 31 cm6 and am looking for some parts. The seat adjuster I think is a screw type what may have been attached to the floor is missing am also the hood doesn't fit right. The hood is to far foward. The guy I got the car from got rid of the 6 banger that ran and put a Sbc what a nut. But any way. I can use a windshield frame and the roof needs work. I can't seem to find the roof parts. I would like to seal the roof up the correct way. The body is in nice shape. I would like to buy another dash some1 drilled holes in it and painted it black the trim seems to be wood grain paint inside the car. Also the running boards or it is the splash aprons on one side there is a chrome cap and on the other side there is a large nut pertruding thru the same hole. I would like to bring the car back to its original glory. Any help would be appreciated. Kenny

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