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Stock whitewall size on a 62 Electra?


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The tires on the 62 are from 2012, and don't look great.  Likely will be buying tires before Spring...any idea what looks stock or what is correct?


There is an 8.00x15 spare in the trunk that really looks original.  And it has what appears to be about a 1" whitewall.  Curious if that's what it came with.

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I went to the Googlez and searched for 1962 Buick Electra literature.  Came up with the appearance that the spare I have here looks strikingly similar.  Unfortunately, no one makes that size tire with that size whitewall anymore.  So I opted for a 235/75R15 radial from everyone's favorite tire supplier, Coker.  It has a 1.5" whitewall which is just a touch bigger than the whitewall on the spare.  I have used these tires before and I love the look.  I had them on my white Centurion convertible, and my buddy Hank had them on his 62 Electra convertible.


I really love the way the Buick road wheels look on Hank's car.  Too bad I sold the set I bought from Riviera Bob.


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