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Zenith 10184 Carburetor for 1928 Chrysler Model 72

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I posted a previous post about this carburetor and it's substitution for a Carter BB 1.  Carbking gave me some advice saying this Zenith should work fine (Thank you).  Good, but I have some questions about it's hook ups with the existing Chrysler linkage.  Photo 1 shows the carburetor as it would be mounted on the passenger side of the engine.  Item A is a spring which has been wired onto this side of the carburetor for?  Item B is a lever for the accelerator butterfly but how does it work with the type of linkage rod/fixtures in photo 2?  Photo 3 shows the choke linkage which holds the choke cable housing and choke cable wire (C).  Odd that it is mounted on the engine side of the carburetor (opposite of the Carter BB 1) and at an odd angle for a cable that comes down from above.  Also again item D is another lever for the accelerator butterfly.  Another oddity is that the accelerator levers need to be pushed to open the butterfly instead of pulled.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Stay well.

Z 1.jpg


Z 2.jpg

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I would think any period updraft carb of same general size and with same flange dimensions would work subject to modifying linkage to suit. Carb sometimes has to be reversed in order for throttle and choke hookups to work. Similarly, air cleaner might need changing or elimination. This Zenith look pretty rough, I'm sure for a few bucks you could find a decent working carb. My 1931 Chev called for a Carter, but they were troublesome, I found a NOS in period Tillotson JR on eBay that works perfectly, needed only minor modification to linkage.

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It is a universal carb, and both throttle and choke may be situated on either side.


As to the spring, no clue; it certain is not needed. Possible a hanger to hang the carb from the rafters???



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