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Looking for a V-16 Cadillac for restoration

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I have just started a search for a client that would like to purchase a V-16 (he is not particular about the model) that is either a complete project, an older restoration or never restored.  I would be interested in anything anyone has to offer.


On another note I have come across the name Rick LeForge several times as an authority on these cars but I can not find any contact information for him.  Does anyone know anything about Mr. Leforge.


Thanks so much.

Kelly Dietrick


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It has been literally 50 years since I last saw Rick LeForge, a Cad collector who also owned a chem-strip/dip facility in Palo Alto, CA and lived in adjacent Menlo Park.


Google is your friend:

https://books.google.com/books?id=-4EUEAAAQBAJ&pg=PA145&lpg=PA145&dq="Rick+LeForge"&source=bl&ots=Q7Hjs2SROM&sig=ACfU3U0euGtwwecPVdzMRUeb1htAp6_3Fg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiSge7x_LfuAhV7CjQIHWkdDCAQ6AEwAXoECAoQAg#v=onepage&q="Rick LeForge"&f=false


But I suspect he's close to 90 y o today if he's still with us.

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Google is certainly my friend.  That is how I found his name.  But it does not tell you if the information you are reading is current or unfortunately if the person you are seeking is still alive.


I wonder where all the research material goes when historian passes away?  He had an excel file of many of the V-16's.

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Try spokeo or other "finder" listings, which may require a couple of bucks.  Just looked at the 2019 and 2020 Cadillac and LaSalle Club directories with negative results in the master listing.

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Here is my two cents. 30/31  v-16s do not drive nearly as well as do 32 on. They have a truck feel and poor carbs. Most overhead 16's

were built in 30/31. There is a tremendous value difference between closed and open bodies. If your client selects a closed

car make sure that it does not need much work. Restoration costs for a closed car can quickly exceed its value. Many open cars

are body changes so become aware of build sheets that are readily available.


I am aware of several open cars that might be available, both restored and un-restored. Feel free to email me. jcrow22006@aol.com

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Is your client interested in a 1930-1937 Cadillac V-16 or the 1938,1939,1940 Cadillac V-16 ? They are very different. The later version has art deco styling and a completely different flat head or L head engine design. The later ones cost a lot less also. 

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Not sure if you are still looking for a 16 or not. If so try

Brian Coffee


(937) 776-7202

(937) 643-2393

He had several a few years ago and is starting to sell off part of his collection. If you get a hold of him, tell him Wayne Elsworth sent you.

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