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Folks who think project cars are priceless relics-too funny!

md murray

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I don't think anyone who regularly reads these forums has any illusions surrounding the tremendous costs associated with saving or resurrecting an old car these days. 

I've been tracking down some old parts that were recently obtained in an estate clean out by an Auto recycler in New England. I gave them a call this morning and here's how it went:


ME: "Hi, I'm just calling to inquire about some Packard parts that you guys recently got in?"




ME: "I heard there was something like thirty cars from the 1920s and 30s?"




ME: "Great will you be listing the parts anywhere or may I drop in and take a look?"


SalvageYard:"The owner's gonna hold on to those"


ME:"Oh I see, is he a collector?"


SalvageYard: "No"


ME: "Oh, but he plays with old cars?"


SalvageYard: "No"


ME: "Gotcha... any other old parts available?"


SalvageYard: "Nope"


ME: "Well would he be interested in buying some more old cars and parts then?"


Bam! Quick Hang-up.


I can only surmise that this poor guy whose job it is to answer the phone all day has been receiving all sorts of calls from old car dopes like myself and he's probably fed up.  Guess, I'll just keep my eyes peeled and see what sort of priceless relics get listed on Ebay. This sort of reminds me of the guy who had the warehouse full of those rotted out 1930's Lincolns for sale for the past several years. In fact, maybe I should get that guy to talk to this guy!









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