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Michigan Bill to Raise Auto Purchase Fees Passed by Governor

Guest 70 Electra

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Guest 70 Electra

Bad news, Michigan car buyers.....

Before exiting office 12/31/02, Gov. John Engler signed the bill into law that RAISES "document fees" on new/used vehicle purchase to $160 (plus sales tax!).

This is a slight improvement over the original proposal of $250, but is a long way from the current maximum charge of $40. Also, it originally called for automatically adjusting the fee for inflation, but rounding up to the "nearest $100" (!!!!!). Fortunately the version that passed rounds this off to the nearest $10.

I don't know about the rest of you, but seems to me that the ever shrinking profit of the car dealer is still more than enough to cover the cost of typing up a few forms.

By the way, this legislation was opposed by every consumer group and employee union in the state. It was being pushed heavily by the car dealers' organizations.

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