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1931 Chrysler, not mine

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I got a few more pics but they just show an unkept car that's slipping unfortunately and none were taken outside.  All just as fuzzy.  Says it's a good driver in the ad but the car doesn't look like it's been driven recently.  It's also a Cabriolet so not as sleek as the roadster you have.  The seller did say it's a CM6. 

 It does look like leather inside with some wear so it must have been a driver with the OD at some point.  Can't tell if the top of the grille shell is rusty or just dirty.  I like the car and the color combo,  but it looks like the neglect might rear it's ugly head when you start using it.  The upholstery lost some buttons. Hopefully there is some material you can trim to make new ones. Really wish they had better photos.  Has the wrong window winders.  I'm far from an expert on other things but I see some stuff like wrong wiring as well.  Are the gauges correct?  Did Chrysler not use a gauge panel in 1931?  Kind of a bummer I was seriously thinking about what strings I would have to pull to make it work.  Just guessing but those tires are probably 20 or more years old as well.  Wonder how the brakes are?  Florida is pretty humid.  If they used Dot 3 brake fluid I would bet the brakes are going to need a going through if they weren't done recently.  Just the realist side of me talking after rebuilding the last several turn key cars I bought. 








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Lots of snow and ice up here with a high in the low 20's today.  Not really good weather to get her out.  Hopefully I'll get out in the garage and get some work done though as that's heated.  Bought a bunch of stuff to organize my tool box and that turned out to be a huge project while I try to reorganize everything to fit some of the new tools I bought and put sets together out of all the Misc.  Incomplete crap I've bought over the years.  

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The dash instruments look correct to me. y seat is upholstered a bit differently. Don't know if the Cab. was different than the roadster. No opinion on the window winders. I don't have windows! The engine looks correct. You never know it might clean up pretty good and make a good driver. The cabriolet would be pretty nice right now. It's 32F here in Vancouver. Too cool and wet to get the roadster out for a while.

Here's a few more pics of mine.



20190130_143247 (Large).jpg

31 CM6 dash.jpg

20200430_124127 (Large).jpg

20190130_143408 (Large).jpg

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Though this may be optimistic, the extra wiring and relay you see on the cowl may be a sign that the over drive added is the model R10 used later in the 30’s in Chryslers (admittedly could be something else).  I’ve toured with a four cylinder Plymouth convertible setup that way, and it’s a car I would like to have had.



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If it were closer I would look at it,  But being it's in Florida,  too much of a gamble.   The poor pictures,  even when I asked for more which had the same poor quality also don't fill me with confidence.  I can see underneath shots being poor but with today's phones and Cameras,  you really have to work to get top side  photos this fuzzy. 

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