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Grease for repacking front wheel bearings

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I have taken front wheels off my 1923 Hudson and now need to repack my wheel bearings.  Does anyone know what the best grease to use for these old cars and bearings?  I am sure new products have been developed since 1923. The more I read the more confused I get.  Should I use Lithium, Moly EP or Marine Wheel bearing grease?


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Just use a good quality wheel bearing grease. No need to get fancy. I use Napa brand. Here is a photo of my 1917 White getting serviced for the first time in 104 years......it has 11,000 original miles on it. Photos from three weeks ago.




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I like to use a heavier wheel bearing (wb) grease on the pre-war stuff.  I think you can get fibered wb grease from the Model A suppliers.  The old fibered stuff used asbestos which is, of course, no longer available.  I still have a (diminishing) stash of Lubriko (brand) wheel bearing grease I obtained from a local bearing house about ten years ago.  It came in both tubes for loading into grease guns and in tubs.  "Density" is marked "WB."


IMHO, the heavier grease is necessary for ball bearings, but modern stuff is fine for tapered roller bearings.


See what your local specialty bearing house has available.

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I used to use a high pressure long fibre wheel bearing grease back in the 1950s through the '70s,

but now use a good quality red synthetic.

While any old wheel bearing grease is probably "good enough",

For the extra buck or two, is is just that level of reassurance.


Good Luck

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