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Looking for a 70's car for video shoot in NJ on Jan. 23 2021


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I know it is short notice but some film makers from Philadelphia have asked if I can help them find a car like the ones attached for a short film they are doing.  Location is Williamstown NJ.  Needed for January 23rd from 11:30 to 1pm and on the 24th from 11:15 to 12:15.  They can consolidate the shoot to one day if that works better.


In exchange for your time they will come to your house or other location and do a professional shoot of your car (would be good if you are selling or just want nice photos etc.), a walk around video and a video taken from a drone.


And I will give you a free tour of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum next time you are in Philly.


Email me at duesdealer@gmail.com




Kelly Dietrick

film 2.jpeg

film 1.jpg

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Absolutely agreed.  I like to help the uninitiated of the car world when I can though.  You just need patience and a sense of humor.


The film is set in the 70's and the reason they asked for a four door is because they went to use the car to drive four people down a controlled length of road at most half a mile.  So this would entail someone else driving your car.  It is not a prop like it was when we did a music video.  Which was by the way a success:)  


While the car drives down the road they will film the interior scenes and use a padded rig to do this.  It fits over the passenger doors to do this.


When we did the music video shoot my client brought his Jaguar E-Type and his daughter and she loved every minute of it.  

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