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Mustang 1965 am radio restoration


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Hi guys, 

After buying cleaning and polishing this radio I have pluged it to 12v added a speaker and all it did was slowly smoke. I removed the cover and determined that there was no obvious damage to electrical and mechanical components. I plugged the radio once more and observed that the smoke was comming from this transformer. Out of curiosity i took it apart (I was looking for chared plastics or burnt wiring) and I found that the inner most wire was parialy molten into a plastic housing of the unit and the insolation layer was flaky. 
1. Is the faliure of this transformer a known common fault?
2. Is the transformer itself the culprit or there can be a problem with a different electrical component?
3. What thickness of wire should i order to replace it in case I wanted to rewind it and solder back in place?
Any feedback is very wellcome. I am owner of a 1965 coupe prairy bronze mustang and trying to restore it. I have basic knowlege in electromechanics. 






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You'll have to get a donor radio or rewind the transformer. It looks like the model is a 5TPZ. It was the same radio 64 through 66. The schematic can be found in Sam's AR manual 28.

When I convert these radios I remove the transformer. Unfortunately they're not saved. Did one recently will see if it's still around.



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They're on ebay frequently. Search Sam's Photofacts AR 28.


Or go straight to the source www.samswebsite.com and see if they still furnish vintage schematics.


Also helps to know if this is a factory Philco-Ford unit or another supplier.


*edit* zoomed the label and appears this is a Motorola unit. Which is still a very good radio.

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To size the wire, use a solvent to remove the varnish and then use a micrometer to find the diameter of the wire. It is a common enamel insulated wire, sold by AWG. So after you get the diameter, and both could could be different in size, Google for a inches to AWG chart.


Did you count the turns? If not, use the same length as removed, should be close to the correct number of turns.


Say, during the cleaning and polishing, did you somehow remove the insulator under the power transistor (2N176)? That object below the tuning shaft. 

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