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1925 Buick 6 cylinder FAN BLADE Wanted

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Hi Larry:

Amazing I have done just about the same to my hub. We would be talking Standard. What I would like to have is just the FAN BLADE assembly. Should have 4 blades and 8 mounting holes. If do not want to part out then let me know what options you have. Thank you for the quick response.


Lee Wilkes

Reno, NV

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 I will have to do some digging and comparing as I have 4 units and they do not all match. I have both a 25 Master and 25 Standard so some confusion exists as the mounting brackets are very different but the fan and hubs look very similar. Some fans have a different blade pitch. I will compare to what I have on my 25-25 as I am sure it is correct. I do believe the center plate has the same bolt circle on all these units. (holes not all equally spaced.)

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