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I finally got some headlights on my car.  While they aren’t the correct lights,  they are Buick headlights and they bolt right on so I have something until I find the correct lights.  A little rewiring and some new connectors and I’m done.



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 Nice to catch up with you yesterday. I wish you folks had stopprd by on your way to or from the AACA museum. I do admit the lights look very appropriate. I had a set of 1924 4 cylinder lights on my 25 Standard untill I could get all the work done on the corrct set.


2013 -with smooth reflector and Osgood lens. Painted shell.


   2020- fluted reflectors and clear lens. Plated shell. 

 I would send some photos I sent of the 1922 lights to PKHAMMER on the forum. He may have some from the pile of parts he picked up from the "Roaring 20s Museum" sale.

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