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Wood wheel center ornament

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Is anyone currently reproducing the -R- plastic insert for the wood wheel?


After 56 years mine is starting to show its age.   Any ideas on where to get a replacement?






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The center cap ornament on the back side is as big around as the entire cap......it is a unique ornament

that  is not reproduced. If the flaws are only on the top surface of the ornament and it isn't cracked way down in the plastic, you can restore it by sanding the surface down with sandpaper starting with 320 and working your way up to 1500 grit, then use metal polish to finish it off. I restored mine that way and it had a gouge in it that was very very deep and a half inch long. the end result looked like a brand new ornament.....



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Hi Winston,


Good to hear you were able to restore your wood wheel center ornament, and for telling me how you did it.


But, how do I tell if the cracks are only on the surface?  It seems like they're inside the ornament plastic, not superficial.  I'll take a closer look at the ornament tonight to see where the cracks are.




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Judging from your photo, it looks like most if not all of your flaws are on or near the surface.

No doubt it would look a lot better if you went ahead and sanded it down and polished it. Be sure to wet

sand the ornament using wet or dry sandpaper and keep the sandpaper wet. Also be sure to sand the entire face

evenly so as to keep the dome shape intact, and mask off the metal on the cap very carefully so that you don't

wind up scratching the chrome.

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I did the same thing to the plastic centers in my cast aluminum wheel covers. Basically the same as Winston describes but I started with 800 grit wet/dry paper and finished with 3000 grit. Use a lot of liquid detergent and lots of water. The soap keeps the sand paper clean. I finished using the same compounds that you use when doing the final steps of a paint job - rubbing compound and polishing compound, the a good coat of carnival wax.

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