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For Sale: 1953 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr sedan - $19,500 - Robinson Twp., PA (Pittsburgh-area) - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1953 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr sedan - $19,500 - Robinson Twp., PA (Pittsburgh-area)

1953 Kaiser Manhattan - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1953 Kaiser Manhattan
Tropical Green over Pine Tint
3 speed manual transmission with overdrive
New radial whitewall tires
New brakes, hoses and cylinders
New starter
New battery
Radiator recently flushed
Stainless steel exhaust
Trophy winner
Price is $19,500 or best offer.

Contact: no phone listed.

Copy and paste in your email:  117b41651ad33e0892a79619a51b008e@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1953 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr sedan.

'53 Kaiser Manhattan PA a.jpg

'53 Kaiser Manhattan PA b.jpg

'53 Kaiser Manhattan PA c.jpg

'53 Kaiser Manhattan PA d.jpg

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33 minutes ago, alsancle said:



Do they bring that much?  

No, but close.  


Is it just me or does the 53 Kaiser need another 3-4 inches in the trunk.   I am a former Kaiser Frazer Owners Club member.  I am not an expert on them but have done my research.  While there is a lot to not like about a 53 Kaiser, there is a LOT to like.  


With few internal politics to mar the styling, most KF products are more pure.  The body shape of the 1953 is pure, and simple.  The less is more front, small grille and bumpers, as opposed to Harley Earl's over the top chrome encrusted front and side profiles, is beautiful and portends the post 1959 sobriety which took over styling, sans Virgil Exner's excess.  


Powered by a truly underwhelming Continental 6, these cars are purchased for the aesthetic beauty and historical positioning of a make which, within 3 years, would be extinct.  The 6 cylinder is fine for car shows, 60 mph cruising and ice cream shop runs.  


The Kaiser Frazer Club is on fumes, frankly, but is a fun group with many helpful members.  The club is the poster child for the issues in the club hobby now, aging and dying members, who purchased cars for $500 35 -45 years ago, and now want $15,000 for them.  Meanwhile possible new members can't justify that $15,000 + price tag, so the club, and interest in the cars generally, is waning.  

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10 hours ago, alsancle said:

How many of them have the blower and does it perk things up much?

Blowers only came in 1954 and were standard on the 54 Manhattans and optional on the Special.  It was the same attempt as others saddled with flatheads or older motor designs in the dawn of mass production OHV V8S.  Packard's straight 8 in 1954 was its highest CID and a 4 barrel, Buick had a 4 barrel on it's 52 322.  Hudson had dual carbs and Kaiser tried this.  It reportedly helped but by 1954 Kaiser's days were numbered.  Many got pulled off in the late 50s.  

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9 hours ago, GregLaR said:

How come every Kaiser is green?

It is true that Pine Tint Green was a popular 53 color.  Not sure what the percentage was. 53 was the last mass production year for Kaiser.  So more of these are seen on the road. 

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My '52 Manhattan with 4-speed Hydra-matic was a very decent driver,

not to burn up the drag strip, but for any reasonable cruising and cross-country touring, it was more than acceptable-

"rode like a Cadillac",

and I know Cadillacs !

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