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For Sale: 1965 Electra 225 2dr Hardtop - "Runs, drives very nice" - Philadelphia, PA - Not Mine - 4/26 SOLD!

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For sale on Facebook: 1965 Buick Electra 225 2-Door Hardtop in Philadelphia, PA  -  $6,500  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/547684062855624/1965-Buick-Electra-225-Coupe


Seller's Description:

1965 Buick Electra 225 2-Door Hardtop

  • Driven 65,172 miles
  • Exterior color: Green · Interior color: Green
  • Automatic transmission

For sale or possible trade located in Philadelphia PA for 6500, 1965 Buick Electra 225. 65,174 miles with a nailhead and automatic trans with power steering and brakes. Runs and drives very nice (engine gas a slight noise at higher rpms). Interior is in amazing shape with only needing a headliner and has one crack in the dash pad. Has power windows and seats (windows and seat could use a greasing on the tracks). The heat kicks ass in it. Tires are brand new on it. The body is in great shape for a North East car of this vintage. Driver and passenger side rockers under the rear of the door has rust, as well as a spot over the diver side rear wheel. Has a few spots here and there that have blistered but haven't rotted through (there are a couple other soft spots but nothing as bad as what has already been repaired). Frame had a bad spot of rust where the cross member bolted to but I have repaired it. All lights, wipers and such work as they should. Clean title. Any other questions, feel





































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This could be a remarkably stunning Buick.  "Midnight Aqua" was, in my view, the ultimate mid-1960's color, and I can never get enough of Buick's beautiful cornering lamp design for the '65 models.

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I loved the real leather seats up to 64, was a shame from 1965 went to vinly,

but we all no now  leather did not stand up to the enviroments

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OK Buick People: This is a beater and would make a beautiful car if you spend a LOTTA dough on it.  Aside from the green interior which is not my favorite it's ...really rusty.  Oh, it has a noise in the engine. No a/c?  For this car a/c is a nice feature as cruising in the East in the Summer and it does NOT have it.


This is one of those that if it gets thrown at you for a real cheap price you could have fun making mud pies with it and move on. Don't spend much on this one.  Mitch

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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1965 Electra 225 2dr Hardtop - "Runs, drives very nice" - Philadelphia, PA - Not Mine - 4/26 SOLD!

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