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Fastener/Clip needed for interior of full size GM convertible

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I am looking for a small metal fastener / clip for my 1971 Pontiac Grandville interior rear seat armrest.  This clip would be found on Impalas, Buicks, etc, all full size convertibles.  This clip attaches the folding top compartment side trim upper to the rear quarter armrest panel.  It is a metal fastener ¾” x 1” with several teeth inside that grab the plastic nubs on the upper panel and attach them to the arm rest panel.  Please see photo.

I have scoured the GM catalogs and it may be the following item but I have been unable to locate a photo to verify; 4866841 Fastener, rear top side quarter extension to panel.  I have tried dozens of suppliers on the web with no luck. One of the large fastener suppliers even said he had never seen anything like it.  Thank you for any help that you can offer.  JIM




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I remember those clips were also used to retain the upper door trim insert to the lower panel on GM X cars (Citation, Phoenix, Skylark, Omega) from 1980 through the late 80s, as well as on the Chevy Celebrity, Pontiac 6000 and other mid-size cars in the 1980s. You might find them in a salvage yard.


You might also want to check the dimensions on these Auveco clips. They look like they might be potential replacements:


Auveco 16671 (Toyota bumper retainer)Auveco # 16671  Toyota Bumper Strip Retainer.



Auveco #17003 - Ford, Mazda bumper cover retainerAuveco # 17003  Ford And Mazda Bumper Cover Retainer.




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