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brass car Voltage regulator


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I am looking for a voltage regulator shown in the picture below. I was told that this type of regulator was used  on several cars, I need it for  1914 Jeffery four

I would really appreciate any leads






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USL parts are indeed few and far between with many different specific models. I have a Mercer with a functional USL. You can use a more modern regulator and the system will still function correctly. If you're interested in going that route I can provide the details.



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Thank you so much for your feedback. I want to restore the car as original as possible, that's why I am looking for this particular regulator.


Is the list you posted from a Book or catalog? if so, can you please share more information about it?

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The page I posted is from American Bureau of Engineering. They made a metering device and set of 14 booklets to help repair people fix wayward early ( my set is 1918 with pasted in updates for 1919) car's electrical systems.

Not any info on component models or types as that info was expected to be on the vehicle being repaired.

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