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'51 Buick Super trunk lid questions

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Has anyone replaced their woven trunk lid material and/or know of a vendor selling such a thing ?  Mine is original and falling apart. It looks impossible to remove entirely as it appears permanently sandwiched between the inner and outer sheet metal, probably at the factory. I plan to cut out just the visible material and replace with something similar. 


Also does this new trunk lid weatherstripping (from Steele Rubber) look positioned correctly ? The original was badly distorted so not very helpful to compare with the new piece. Maybe someone can share a photo of theirs. Thanks guys !




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Update on my post.

I see that 1951-53 Buicks used the same trunk weatherstripping, at least according to the Steele Rubber.  I'd be much obliged if someone could snap a photo of their trunk lid rubber that shows how it lays in the lid's channel. This could become a real gooey mess if I don't get it right the first time. 


Also, thanks OldTank, butI found a very close match to my original trunk lid material (sound deafening) from Old Buick Parts.com. It's thinner but has the same waffle style pattern. 


Thanks guys !

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On 1/19/2021 at 7:18 PM, Kestrel said:

. . . does this new trunk lid weatherstripping (from Steele Rubber) look positioned correctly . . . Maybe someone can share a photo of theirs . . .   




▲  I don't agree with how you are positioning the weatherstripping on your trunk lid. In addition, the original weatherstripping around the perimeter of my 1953 Buick Osage Cream trunk was installed in two pieces. Your installation should be the same.



▲  The top piece, approximately 72" long, was glued its entire length to the inside of the trunk's front gutter as shown above, then it turned the two corners and continued downward for approximately six inches on both the driver's and passenger's sides. At each of the two ends, there was a small retaining clip that held the weatherstripping in place and was attached with a sheet metal screw. 



▲  The remaining piece, approximately 100" long, was glued to the underside of the trunk lid on all three remaining edges. Note the original glue residue that shows it just on the two leading edges of the weatherstripping and not on the entire backside.


Anybody disagree with this detail on a 1951 or 1952 Buick?


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


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Thanks so much ! Your photos and mark ups are just what I was looking for. 😄


There was so much extra glue residue on mine I couldn't ascertain where the rubber was supposed to go. I'll glue in the car body rubber section first, then position the lid rubber  with tape temporarily and see if the trunk closes nice and tight. From your photo I see it has to be moved inward along the channel an inch or so from where I had it mocked up.


Maybe because I'm new at this game, but it gets confusing with new rubber that has no  wear pattern or creases from being compressed in the closed position.



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