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Headliners and vent windows

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Has anyone ordered headliners- specifically for a '48 4 door Pontiac.. I know there are several companies. I was going to order one from Kanter or J.C. Whitney... And does anyone have a lead on a youtube video on "Taking out and vent window". I can find a ton of videos- all trucks and newer than '48-that show the vent window already out. But can't find a single one on how they are taking out.. The reason I ask the question this way is a shop took them out. and it's up to me to finish the job.not sure if anything is missing or not (yet)


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Hi Jeff!


I restored a '37 Buick a couple years ago, and I'm not sure how much the Buick vent compares to the Pontiac vent mechanism OR how much the '37 differs from your '48.....  BUT I think I have a few posts that will help you with the removal / installation of the vent mechanism AND the vertical division run channel:



Just touch the arrow on the upper right and the specific vent window information will open.




Touch the arrow in the upper right corner here to see how to restore / install the vertical division run channel:





If I can forward any other information and photos, please don't hesitate.  



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Great photos and will help a lot later-- But what I'm trying to figure out is when it comes time and the vent windows are ready to go back in.. . I know I would normally just reverse the process and put them in the way they came out... and there in lies the problem- I didn't take them out and can only assume how they go back in. and without actually knowing or seeing them being taken out. I don't know if I should try and put them back in 1st before the door channels and window- or after the door window. My main concern is by not doing it in the correct sequence-I may end up breaking or scratching the glass... But by your photos I can at least get them ready do go back in... 

    Here's best way to think of my project--- I'm a locksmith- You bring a safe to me to work on the dial and the lock and the locking bolts. Now I take it completely apart-- hand you back the safe with everything in a box unlabeled--- You can get all the pieces back together-with a little problem. Now when it comes time to reinstall everything-- you have 1 chance to do it right---- If you put it in wrong and some locks will seemingly operate right with the door open... If it's not right when you close the door and try the dial- you're basically screwed and locked out of your safe. Now it will cost you to have it drilled open, which destroy the U.L.rating If not repaired correctly.or buy a new one. 

 I don't want to buy all new seal and glass because what looked like the correct way to reinstall wasn't. 

      My hood doesn't seat correctly anymore because the last painter took it upon himself to spot weld the 2 halves. when the hood was off the car.. (misaligned) I'm sure-- but the cars painted so it's hard to tell- if that the real reason. but I've checked and rechecked every possible other reason.

     Once again thanks those photos will be helpful- I got my stuff from Steel also. Now on to the headliner- strange seems no one has dealt with Kanter.

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Here is the installation of the driver's door and everything relate to the installation...  run channels, vent, glass....  



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