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Looking for seats like this picture, need AACA seat expert lol


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Hi guys, my 1947 Buick 2 door was missing seats when I got the car. I don’t think just and bench with flippers will do as the original seats look to be thin and swoopy on the tops like this picture. The originals had room for the backseat peoples feet and were thinner to help with the room for the backseat passenger I suppose. I was at a swap a few months ago and a guy was selling 1947 Cadillac seats out of a four-door in the backseats seem to work out but the front seat is a hard bench, no flip.


I thought about modifying this front seat and parts from a newer seat, but that seems like a terrible amount of work. but the base looks just like the base of the original Buick seats foot room and all. 

question is did any other GM vehicles have thin and swooping seat backs or is this going to be impossible to find now or an arm and a leg if I do find it? anyone have this problem before and found a way around it? Any suggestions? Thanks


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I think there are going to be limited options available for you to get the correct seat for your Buick. A seat from a 46 thru 48 Buick Super or Roadmaster will work. Also, keep in mind the forward/reverse motion of the driver's seat was hydraulically powered, you will also need obtain the correct mechanism parts if you want to restore the power feature. The seats in the 1942 Buick convertibles were similar to the later ones but they were manually operated. Looks like Oldsmobiles of the same vintage used a similar seat as well.  Hopefully, you'll be able to find someone with a parts car who can provide what you need. Good luck.

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