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Looking for 1936 taillight...no Dodges please.

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11 hours ago, MargaritavilleBuick said:

Hope these helps, I just grabbed them from other posts.  I am searching for a passenger side lamp, but would purchase a pair if required.  





Owen - the passenger side light doesn't have the license plate outlook glass ( or hole ) or the license plate fitting. Don't get confused by my photos as mine is RHD so the passenger and drivers side lights are reversed. 

1st run 007.JPG

1st run 007 (2).JPG

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Posted (edited)

Well, the quest is over for replacement right and left hand taillights.  As you can see the two buckets on the left are the result of rotten seals, winter salts, and neglect. These were original to the car and had been removed and tossed in the trunk.  The previous owner was in the process of replacing them with an aftermarket set that were flush with the fender.


The one on the top right was provided by a friend on this site hailing from Australia.  The one on the bottom right was found in Texas.  These should clean up and made to match beautifully.

Now for the next quest....


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