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Figure out this one! I like unusual. Comments?

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The hood ornament, wood construction, strange trailer and lighting in the indoor photos would lead me to believe it wasn't intended as something that was actually useful.


Years ago, however, I did see smallish fully enclosed boats while visiting the Great Lakes area. I got the impression they were used as rescue vessels in really bad weather.

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I'd say it's a boat on a trailer--there's a tow bar linked to the front of it in the photos and the throttles are definitely boat. And there's no way that steering wheel can possibly be connected to any kind of automotive steering linkage, but a cable-operated boat rudder, sure.


Whatever it is and however it drives, the guy who built it is a friggin' artist.



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Looks like a lot of craftsmanship went into it anyway.


Reminds me of a vehicle that I saw auctioned last year. It was a lear jet fuelage sans wings, set up like a limo !

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Hi Bill,


  I see your passion for the unusual is on display once again!😄


  The craftsmanship is amazing. Since you have added many since the last time I was down to see you, I hope to stop & see them in person sometime in the near future, if that's ok!


God bless



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