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1933-1934 Lincoln Gas Cap "Pebble Beach Quality"

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Fresh from the Chrome shop. This is a solid brass replication of the 1933-34 Lincoln gas cap and is truly "Pebble Beach Quality". The brass billet alone cost close to $100.00.  The cap is probably better than any original gas cap in that it has been machined and plated instead of investment casting, buffed and plating.  You don't get any better than this. The detail is superb, I only have 3 left and don't plan on making anymore, ever.  If you want the perfect gas cap for your Show Lincoln, here it is...  Comes with a gas resistant gasket. ..450.00 Free S&H in the USA. PM  for purchasing details





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I got one of these in the mail a few weeks back. Very nice quality and finish. Will look great on car when completed.

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