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Do Steering Wheel Knobs Damage the Steering Wheel?

Dan O

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I have always thought steering wheel knobs were cool since I first saw one in use when I was a mere tyke in the sixties.  I have considered the usefulness of one while trying to park my Roadmaster and horsing around that big steering wheel.  BUT, they look like they would just chew the plastic right off my nice steering wheel.  Is that the case?  What is your experience using these groovy looking gizmos?

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Unless you are disabled with only one good arm leave it off.  And there has to be a reason they are called suicide knobs and knuckle busters.

They are handy on equipment where you steer with one hand and operate controls with the other or hold your beer.

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Anyone who thinks they are a bad idea should have a go at driving a prewar car in city traffic while hand signaling. I suspect you will leave with a different outlook. No, I don't use one on my own car, but it isn't real tough to imagine why you would want one.



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