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1928 Buick Master Six valve lifters

roger england

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Looking for some help please. We're rebuilding a Master Six engine in the UK and have found that some of the valve lifter springs are broken, or some a different size to the others. There are also just four horseshoe shaped washers which appear to be part of this assembly, but were dismantled before we acquired the engine so we don't know where they fit. Are the springs available anywhere, as well as the steel cups they sit in, and are there any diagrams or pictures available of how the valve lifter assembly goes together. Your help would be much appreciated - thanks.

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I'm not familiar with the 28 valve assemblies, but the master parts manual shows the valve springs are common for 28,29 6 cyl, 30 series40,50,60 and 31,32 60,80,90 series engines.  You should be able to find NOS or new replacement valve springs.


Bob Engle

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No Pics handy but the one above shows well the keepers and springs for the pushrods. The Valves also have dual springs. an inner and an outer so you should have 36 springs. 12 soft ones for the pushrods, and 12 each of the stiff ones for the valves.

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If there is a sludge in the engine, the roller assembly feels like it is glued in place.  I use a plastic hammer and I gently tap around the circle of the top of the lifter barrel.  I go side to side.  Once the outer is free, the inner will come out with it.  Bottom picture is the lifter assembly shown upside down.    Hugh



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