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What is the difference between a 55 Roadmaster and Roadmaster Riviera?

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Riviera was the term Buick used on hardtop models from 1949-1958.  Gold emblems and hood ornament are correct on the Roadmaster.  My grandfather had a solid black '55 Special 2-door hardtop.  It was such a classy car!  Good luck fixing it up.  It's a great body style. 

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Nice project, 55nailhead! Hope you'll enjoy the project.


I personally suggest that you should see if you can get it running, and then mechanically sound (brakes, tires, etc)...or at least sound enough to drive it around the block a few times. Then make you decisions as to the restoration project. 


Wishing you all the best with this high-potential project! 

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I'm not really a Buick guy and I can see the potential in that Roadie!  Looks complete.


The only thing I see that scares me are Michigan plates. That means it's probably been exposed to salt. If underneath is good you have a nice project.

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