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FS, 1949 Desoto Hood Emblem 1252677 plus 2 small Desoto emblem

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  Overall condition of 1252677 is very nice with just 3 small chrome pops on the lower center right side. Colors really shine but as the photos show there are flaws or would you call it patina? There is one original bolt & washer cup. Both treaded holes are good. I’m shocked to discover on the very bottom point USA is stamped into this part. 
  Included in the set are the smaller set of emblems that are completely different. The one with the nice colors is much heavier and has Fox Company stamped into it, maybe an outside emblem. The other is duller, lighter and no markings that are seen.  

   The 3 piece set is $240 plus the shipping and located in Illinois. Contact John at haywire440@yahoo.com








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