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RED Friday


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On 2/5/2021 at 12:48 PM, Elpad said:



More often than not, the people photographed next to their cars (back when) barely cleared the car roof with their head.  Then along comes Elpad's photo of a guy with his head and shoulders well above the roof line.  I'm guessing the lady barely clears 5-feet in height while the guy above clears 6-feet.  Not many older cars suite the over-six-footer!

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A little late posting for the Red Friday but thought you would enjoy it anyway on this Valentines day.

The picture taken in 1983 by a friend using his expensive film camera and I scanned it to my picture file. This was just over ten years of owning the car.




This is how she looks today with just maintaining her.

(still the same red paint job with many hours of wax on, wax off Douglason)



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