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pressure relief and roll over valve


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Hi Guys,

Preplacing my fuel tank in a couple of months, lining things up. I'll replace everything, pump, sender, filler grommet and I guess the roll over valve, but I cant source one.

I saw a post from ten years ago of a member having a tough time finding one and a recent post of how they are plastic and easily snap off if your not very careful when you pull the tank (which I will be).

Do they fail after 32 years? does anyone have a part# or cross-reference, other vehicles that had the setup. Any tips are appreciated.





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The part# is 4279941 for the rollover valve. BUT, you can remove it without damaging it! You need to do it carefully and with a wide enough tool like those tools used to remove door trim-panels. Also, use a little rubber lube, penetrating oil, or carb cleaner to get the valve to slide up, out of the retaining grommet.  I have done plenty of them in my shop, back-in-the-day.

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Hoping to use the original but if for some reason I break a 32 year old valve, I'm looking for a "back up" option.

As Reaper said it's made for a Jeep (Chrysler) application and some say it's a good replacement and some say no.



Either way when the time comes I will be as careful as possible using your advise to use the original, do these units fail over time?


Also, I dont plan on rolling over my TC in the near future but will the wrong valve screw with engine performance?



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The rollover valve is normally open as a vapor vent from the fuel tank to the charcoal canister mounted in the right front corner of the engine compartment, under normal conditions, when the car is on all 4.

In the event of a rollover, you better duck, the rollover valve will close so no fuel flows to the canister and escapes, where it could easily ignite. This is the purpose of the valve.

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