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How to ID a stack of beauty/trim rings?

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keiser31, If we were closer together I think we could join forces and have a pretty decent used parts business! 😁

 I'm hopeful a whole bunch of my hubcap stash will be going away to one buyer soon. 

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My buddy Doug puts these (and his hub caps) in 55 gallon drums and dumps them out on that ground in his swap meet booth.

Sold quite a few as the shoppers are always looking for something specific.

Funny thing though. The pile never gets smaller.

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I've had piles of trim rings in the past and they can be hard to identify since there are so many different sizes, styles & widths, I think only a real expert can tell them apart. There are lots of accessory aftermarket ones out there too. If the ribbed ones in the lower right of the first pic (and in the 3rd pic) are 15.5" OD they're for 1941-1955 Oldsmobiles with 15" wheels. Pontiacs may have used them as well but I can't say that for sure. I've had trim rings on display with some big hubcap selections at swap meets but the rings don't generate much interest and very few sell. People will stop & look over reasonably priced common full wheelcovers but the trim rings have been slow movers in my experiences. 

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