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rear body mounts for the 70 wildcat


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I have 70 wildcat and a 68 electra 225 4dr both are in good condition but they both show the same rusting in the trunk area near the inner wheel well were the body mount are. Is there some one out there that make repair mounts for these cars it seems that buicks are notorious for rusting in these area .The rust holes are about the size of a small fist. I was thinking that i could fabricate the trunk floor with sheet metal ( instead of replacing the whole trunk bed ) but im not for sure what type of bracket the body mounts connect to . Is there any help for me,I have photos of these areas I can send to any one ,to get a good ideal of what im trying to repair ,if so can you e-mail me at cdv290@cs.com or please leave a contact address on your post .....once again thanks

Calvin Dubose from Indiana

( not reg. YET )

67 GS400

68 Electra 225

70 Wildcat

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